Friday, November 15, 2013

What is Binge Browser?

Binge Browser is a tool that helps you browse the archives of other websites, like Penny Arcade or The Onion, faster and more efficiently.

When you start Binge Browser it loads a small toolbar above the main browser window.  The toolbar has a full set of buttons for navigating the selected website, which loads in the browser window below.  

Binge Browser does more than just help you navigate, it helps you binge.  Besides offering traditional first/previous/next/last navigation options, Binge Browser lets you go to random pages, skip back or ahead in increments, and do this all without clicking a thing by offering a full set of hotkeys.

How many websites can you binge with Binge Browser?  Right now 14, but that number is growing every day.  Check the main page to see them all.  Don't see your favorite website on the list?  Let us know, and we can probably add it.

Still have questions? The best way to learn about Binge Browser is to give it a try.  You wont go back to normal browsing. 

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