Monday, February 3, 2014

Inspiration: Now on Binge Browser

On Binge Browser you can find more than just laughs.  We recently added a number blogs with inspirational messages and stories.  Take a look for a pick-me-up or a few chuckles.  Click a link to begin browsing!

She Works - Inspirational advice from women that is accessible by, well, everyone.  Part of a special series by NPR.

Bro Tips - Humorous and endearing advice from bros, to.... bros?  Even non-bros can enjoy this macho take on life.

Just the Little Things - A collection of messages about appreciating the smaller things in life.

Blorpy - A Tumblr featuring interesting and inspiring stories found in comments from around the web.

Have an inspirational blog or Tumblr you want to Binge?  Let us know by requesting it here.

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