Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Call For Volunteers

Do you own a website?  Would you like to increase your viewership stats?  Maybe we can help.

At Binge Browser we believe that giving users the ability to "binge" increases not only the number of pages they read, but also the number of times they come back.  In short, adding your site to Binge Browser will probably increase your pageviews, visitors, and most of all, reader satisfaction.

We are looking for a few site owners who would be willing to help us test this hypothesis.  The process is simple: we will add your website to Binge Browser, wait for a month, and then analyze your viewership statistics.  It's free, and you can quit whenever you want.

Click here to find more details.  Click here to learn more about Binge Browser.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blogger: Now on Binge Browser

Does anyone still use Blogger (besides us)?  Yes!  We pounded the (digital) pavement and compiled a list of fun and interesting blogs (thanks in part to Blogs of Note).  Click a link to begin browsing.

1.  The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe - A wide array of illustrators take turns re-drawing superheros (and villains?) out of the "Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe".
2.  The Binomial Baker - Math and cooking collide (kind of) in this collection of recipes from a math teacher and "wannabe baker".
3.  Atlantic Pacific - A popular fashion/style blog.
4.  Whole Health Source - An informative blog about nutrition and health science from obesity researcher Stephan Guyenet.
5.  Coco Cake Land - A food blog devoted to cakes and cupcakes.
6.  Things We Forget - A blog that centers around motivational sticky notes.
7.  Tastefully Offensive - A blog featuring "a daily roundup of the funniest videos, pictures, and comics on the internet".

And of course, we added the world's most popular Blogger destination: the Binge Browser Blog!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Inspiration: Now on Binge Browser

On Binge Browser you can find more than just laughs.  We recently added a number blogs with inspirational messages and stories.  Take a look for a pick-me-up or a few chuckles.  Click a link to begin browsing!

She Works - Inspirational advice from women that is accessible by, well, everyone.  Part of a special series by NPR.

Bro Tips - Humorous and endearing advice from bros, to.... bros?  Even non-bros can enjoy this macho take on life.

Just the Little Things - A collection of messages about appreciating the smaller things in life.

Blorpy - A Tumblr featuring interesting and inspiring stories found in comments from around the web.

Have an inspirational blog or Tumblr you want to Binge?  Let us know by requesting it here.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Webcomic List Top 10

The Webcomic List maintains a massive index of webcomics, maybe one of the largest on the web.  We took their ten most popular comics and added them to Binge Browser.  Click a link to begin browsing.

1.  Epic Escape - A superhero adventure comic.
2.  The Landscaper - A realistic vigilante fights evil in a visceral story based comic.
3.  Questionable Content - "an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have".
4.  Ctrl+Alt+Delete - A webcomic about gaming that follows the adventures of two roomates and their friends.
5.  Menage a 3 - A comic that follows a comic book geek and his sexy neighbors.
6.  Gunnerkrigg Court - A science/fantasy comic that follows characters as they attend the mysterious Gunnerkrigg Court school.
7.  The Adventures of Kung Fu Meghan - A comic that follows two office workers who are also martial arts experts.
8. XKCD - A popular webcomic that makes insights and jokes about science, romance, and popular culture.
9.  Penny Arcade - A popular webcomic about gaming and gamer culture based around the fictional lives of the strips two creators.
10.  Girl Genius - A story based comic that follows two heroines in an alternate steampunk style universe.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Binge Browser Reaches 100!

Today we added the 100th website to Binge Browser.  The honor goes to Incidental Comics, a charming, beautifully drawn comic, that illustrates the author's quirky views on subjects ranging from art to motivation.

These first 100 websites are only a small portion of the sites we hope will eventually be available on Binge Browser.  To get to 1000, or 10000, or even 100000 websites, though, we need to hear from you, the user.  What website do YOU want to Binge?  To get to our next milestone we need your input!  Request websites here, or leave suggestions in the comments.  

(Note: the very first website added to Binge Browser was Penny Arcade)

The Top Webcomics of 2013: Now on Binge Browser

Paste Magazine published a list of their favorite webcomics in 2013.  We added most of them to Binge Browser.  Click a link to begin!

13.  JL8 - A story based comic that follows popular DC Comics superheroes when they were kids.
12.  Sticks Angelica - A bizarre webcomic about a heroine who moves to the wilderness and communes with wildlife.
11.  Dinosaur Comics - A webcomic about a very philosophical Tyrannosaurus.  Known for its distinctive style in which the panel art is the same for every strip.

8.  Gronk - A webcomic about a monster who is exiled by the other monsters for not being scary.  He comes to live with a musician in the city.  Hijinks ensue.
7.  Oyster War - A story based comic that follows a captain and his crew as they attempt to catch a band of oyster pirates.
6.  XKCD -  A popular webcomic that makes jokes about science, romance, pop culture, and more.
4.  The Abdominable Charles Christopher - This comic follows the adventures of a "childlike sasquatch" in a forest full of monsters and other creatures.
3.  Battlepug - A story based webcomic about a giant pug and a band of adventurers.
2.  Ava's Demon - A galactic adventure that centers around a girl named Ava and a demon haunting her.
1. Nimona - A story based comic that follows the adventures of a shape shifter and a super villain.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wikipedia on Binge Browser

Everyone loves browsing semi-mindlessly through Wikipedia by clicking on whatever page looks interesting (as attested to by XKCD here).  We've tried to duplicate this experience by adding several different collections of Wikipedia articles to Binge Browser

Now you can browse interesting articles without moving your mouse (hint: use the hotkeys).  Get started by clicking a link.

1.  Wikipedia Core Topics - A collection of approximately 1000 pages representing "the most important topics" on Wikipedia, as compiled by editors.  Original list here.

2.  Wikipedia Featured Articles - A collection of approximately 4100 pages considered by Wikipedia editors as "the best articles Wikipedia has to offer."  Original list here.

3.  Interesting Wikipedia Articles - An independent collection of the "more interesting" articles on Wikipedia.  Contains approximately 600 articles.  Original list here.

4. Wikipedia Most Viewed 2013 - The 100 most viewed Wikipedia articles of 2013, as compiled here.

5.  Unusual Wikipedia Articles - A collection of approximately 1300 odd and whimsical pages compiled by Wikipedia editors.  Original list here.