Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Top Webcomics of 2013: Now on Binge Browser

Paste Magazine published a list of their favorite webcomics in 2013.  We added most of them to Binge Browser.  Click a link to begin!

13.  JL8 - A story based comic that follows popular DC Comics superheroes when they were kids.
12.  Sticks Angelica - A bizarre webcomic about a heroine who moves to the wilderness and communes with wildlife.
11.  Dinosaur Comics - A webcomic about a very philosophical Tyrannosaurus.  Known for its distinctive style in which the panel art is the same for every strip.

8.  Gronk - A webcomic about a monster who is exiled by the other monsters for not being scary.  He comes to live with a musician in the city.  Hijinks ensue.
7.  Oyster War - A story based comic that follows a captain and his crew as they attempt to catch a band of oyster pirates.
6.  XKCD -  A popular webcomic that makes jokes about science, romance, pop culture, and more.
4.  The Abdominable Charles Christopher - This comic follows the adventures of a "childlike sasquatch" in a forest full of monsters and other creatures.
3.  Battlepug - A story based webcomic about a giant pug and a band of adventurers.
2.  Ava's Demon - A galactic adventure that centers around a girl named Ava and a demon haunting her.
1. Nimona - A story based comic that follows the adventures of a shape shifter and a super villain.

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