Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wikipedia on Binge Browser

Everyone loves browsing semi-mindlessly through Wikipedia by clicking on whatever page looks interesting (as attested to by XKCD here).  We've tried to duplicate this experience by adding several different collections of Wikipedia articles to Binge Browser

Now you can browse interesting articles without moving your mouse (hint: use the hotkeys).  Get started by clicking a link.

1.  Wikipedia Core Topics - A collection of approximately 1000 pages representing "the most important topics" on Wikipedia, as compiled by editors.  Original list here.

2.  Wikipedia Featured Articles - A collection of approximately 4100 pages considered by Wikipedia editors as "the best articles Wikipedia has to offer."  Original list here.

3.  Interesting Wikipedia Articles - An independent collection of the "more interesting" articles on Wikipedia.  Contains approximately 600 articles.  Original list here.

4. Wikipedia Most Viewed 2013 - The 100 most viewed Wikipedia articles of 2013, as compiled here.

5.  Unusual Wikipedia Articles - A collection of approximately 1300 odd and whimsical pages compiled by Wikipedia editors.  Original list here.

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